About Petham Nursery

Yeliz Enol: Manager/Director
I am a PGCE qualified early years teacher with a passion for music and communication. I enjoy helping children explore their environment and reach their potential. I have had experience in post-compulsory education, teaching English as an additional/second language, and primary school, and feel strongly that a good start in early education can make all the difference to the future of all children. I look forward to welcoming children and families to Petham Village Nursery.

Ellie Reed: Level 3 Apprentice

Early Years Educator

I currently hold a level 2 qualification, working toward level 3, as an apprentice, at Petham village nursery. I am very passionate about physical development, the outdoors and art and craft.  I volunteer at my local youth club on a weekly basis, helping my community to continue this valued resource.  I look forward to helping all our children grow and develop in our natural, open ended environment preparing them for school and their world around them.

Deborah McBeth: SENCo/Director
I am a mum of four and have worked with children and young adults for many years. I have 8 years’ experience in an early years setting, with a level 3 qualification, with 3 years’ experience as a SENCo. I am very passionate about children with special educational needs and disabilities and improving outcomes for all children. I have attended many training courses and regularly continue to build on my knowledge and expertise within early years.

Our Vision

It is our vision to create a fun, positive, nurturing and homely environment where children feel safe and secure.

Our environment provides natural, open ended resources where children will learn through free flow play and activities using their imagination and strong exploratory impulses.

Every child will have a Key person to share an attachment and to create a family atmosphere. Our children will be individually planned for, by their key person, taking account of their individual interests, abilities and current needs. We feel that their environment is key to their learning.

We provide lots of open-ended opportunities both inside and outside; making use of our beautiful rural location. Our parents will have an active role in their child’s learning experience.

We would like to form close links to our families and share knowledge of their children between us both.

We will keep our numbers low, so every child has plenty of adult support during their session with us.

We hope that our children come to us from the cocoon of their home and family and learn to fly in the big wide world ready to go to school. It is our wish as early years educators to provide a positive start to promote the best possible outcomes for their future. Our setting is fully inclusive and will strive to meet the needs of all our families and the community.